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Thank you for finding your way here. 

My name is Olivia June Fite. I am  4th generation Baltimore native. It was not until adulthood that I moved out of the city and found myself living in greener pastors. Plants began to work their way in the more time I spent with them. At first, they were my muse, making sculptures to honor their beauty. 

Many years, a lot of education and life experiences went by before finding myself in India studying meditation. It was there that I received the spiritual empowerment to embrace what I had been dreaming of - working to heal myself and others, full time. 

Upon returning to the states, I immediately enrolled in the Masters of Herbal Medicine Program at Tai Sophia (now Maryland University of Integrative Health). In a circle of other amazing artists, educators, and healers I became a clinical (medical) herbalist. 

In 2013, I opened a herbal practice space (apothecary) in Baltimore city. I have been blessed to work clinically with hundreds of people, helping them find their own individual path towards wholeness and health. 

Currently I am feeling called to incorporate more spiritual knowledge and energetic practices into my work with others. This also extends to my offerings as an educator. In addition to adding Reiki to my menu of services, this year will be my first in offering a structured mentorship. I see this as a coming together of all the various ways I have worked with herbalism; my clinical experience, my time in the garden, and as a group instructor. I am excited to see how it grows.

Thank you for your listening.