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Hello! If you have found your way here, congratulations - you are taking a step toward self-empowered healing. As a herbalist, my role is to help guide you on the path of self healing. What I invite you to is more self-awareness, confidence, and compassion. What I offer is a connection to the healing powers of plant medicine. Together we will discover the best path forward, with personalized nutritional, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations.

A typical initial consult is 60-90 minutes. Currently Wellness /Herbal Consultations are only being offered via video chat or by phone. If you were looking forward to sitting down in person, my deep apologies. I am currently working abroad but still meeting with clients virtually. The apothecary is still functioning  and custom blends can be either shipped or picked up. Initial Consultations via phone & video are only $60. You can make an appointment simply by emailing a request to 

~Virtual Initial Consultations: Only $60 !!

~On site Initial Consultations: $85 - $120 sliding scale  {90 min}

~Follow-ups of any kind: $30-$40 sliding scale {45 min}

~Virtual Initial & Follow-up package: $80

~Acute Concern by phone: $20 for 20 minutes. This is only available to those who have already had an intake. Examples of acute concerns would be cold/flu, UTI, kidney stone, poison ivy, etc. 

~Reiki Energy Healing: $50 {45 min} Service not offered at this time. 

* Herbs are an additional cost with consultations but you are not required to purchase herbs from me.