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Do you feel the earth calling? Are you drawn to the beauty and healing powers of plants? 

Be you a planter, a parent, a practitioner, or a parishioner - you sense the deep abundance of the natural world. Over the past six years, I have worked with clients and students a like who all understand that the path to being a healing presence in the world begins with learning how to heal one's self. 

Inspired by various requests for guidance, I have developed a mentorship program. It is unique because the work we do will be determined by your vision. My role is to nurture & empower you to fulfill your calling. Together we will work to manifest more positivity and green medicine into yourself, your communities, and your practices. 



October - November 2018:


Please see individual class descriptions under the workshop tab. If you are interested in participating in the 2018/2019 cycle of mentorship and have not participated in any previous herbal classes, a pre-requisite of the offered hands-on workshops (Oct - Nov. 2018) is required before beginning the one-on-one mentorship program. This enables mentees to obtain the foundational skills of herbalism and medicine- making before embarking on more in-depth and individualized learning.


Individual meetings are set up to discuss/plan for how you will manifest your mission. As winter sets in, we will harvest the clarity of the season, and go inward to build your green vision. 


The next 6 months are comprised of exercises, reading assignments, virtual check-ins and personal healing techniques tailored to your specific goals. The process is geared toward nurturing your inner healer while also giving you the resources and tools for practical application. 

Possible Goals/ Visions for Herbal Mentees:

  • Farmers/ gardeners who want to bring medicinal herbs and medicine making knowledge into the farm.  
  • Holistic health care providers who want to learn how to incorporate safe herbal recommendations into your practice.
  • Individuals who feel connected and called to the green world and wants to nurture that connection.
  • Landscapers who want to learn how to work in medicinal plants.
  • Health justice advocates wanting to expand your tool kit to serve your communities. 
  • Creators of natural body care products wanting to expand their offerings. 
  • Science and art teachers who would like to develop programs for children surrounding medicinal plants. 
  • Parents wanting to build resources for taking care of your family with health-promoting remedies. 


Commitment, respect, and curiosity are required to enroll in this course. Because it is so individualized, it is fitting for both novice and advanced students of herbal medicine. Respect for the relationship that mentee and mentor hold and for the knowledge that gets passed on is also required. One should also be curious in a way that can drive self-study and critical thinking skills. Access to the internet is also required. 


If you are interested in applying for the mentorship program, please send your request to Olivia at An application will be emailed to you as well as potential times to do a 30 minute phone interveiw. This process is simply to assess mutual expectations and to make sure it's a good fit for both of us. 


For the entire program, including 2 months of hands-on classes, materials, handouts and 7 months of individual mentorship, the cost is $1,020 {Minimum $320 due on Oct. 1st}

Pricing for just 7 months of mentorship is $700. Students have the option of paying the entire portion at the beginning of the program or paying $400 on Dec. 1st and $50 at the 1st of each following month.  

Testimonials from Last Year's Mentees...

"I see benefits in both group and individual learning. Several months into this program, I see how critical the 2 months of hands-on, group education was to my individual studies and mentorship. Questions asked by others in the group sessions opened up information that I did not have the awareness to inquire about. I am grateful for the opportunity to focus on areas that are of interest to me and that the mentorship portion of the program is tailored to me. I am so grateful for this offering Olivia. You are such a bright light and your passion for herbs, education, and wellness is evident. Baltimore is definitely benefitting from all of your work!" - AH


"I often feel like I don’t learn quickly enough, or don’t have the time to learn, but reflecting on all the progress I’ve made over the past year has made me feel a lot better about it all. The number of plants I’ve learned is pretty vast. My biggest joy is finding medicine in the wild on hikes, and I can remember each time a plant came to me over the past year, and I discovered what it was... Agrimony at Jerusalem Mill, Black Haw, and Witch Hazel came to me in Catoktin, Datura in a tree pit in Hampden, Wild Cherry Bark in my backyard. I’ve learned even more about the plants I already knew, by watching them through multiple seasons. There’s nothing more beautiful than a dead mullein stalk! ...Learning these plants in conjunction with studying body systems has been a missing link for me; I often hear herbalists talk about what plants do, and the experiences with them, but I’ve always needed to understand how they work on the body before I can validate them in my own mind, even if I’ve had personal success with them." -HB


"I became interested in herbal medicine because of a series of small health concerns that were handled poorly by my health care professionals. I was shocked by how few options there were to treat extremely common issues. When I started reading about herbal medicine, I was immediately attracted to how active the patient could be in their care. As a rehab professional, I find passivity one of the most harmful features of the American health care system. If you want to get better, you have to know what to do and what is happening in your body. My study of herbal medicine has helped me to understand my own body and to treat it with more respect and appreciation. Although I have always considered myself a healthy person, it was through my studies that I realized how often I ignore what my body is saying and now I am trying to listen. One of the things that drew me to learning more about herbal medicine is how inspiring it is. The tradition of understanding what grows around you and how it can help you from a nutritional and health perspective is deeply moving." - J.O.


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